Black Magick Beauty

Black Magick Beauty

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Bitch, Are You Fucking Kidding Me!

Okay, I am working one #mediocre job and three other #cool ones. A #female that I live close to is a #manger there as well and what I #thought was a #friend. Now, #I AM #hotter than this #bitch by faaaar, but that did not matter I just wanted a #calm, #trustworthy #Lady to hang out with in this #over-privileged #conglomerate. Blah, Blah, Blah hanging out, laughing, being friends. Last night I found out the bitch has lied not #once, not #twice, but #three times on ME!!! Okay #2014, it’s time. The #transformation is almost complete… oh what a #year it will be!!image

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The Goddess Rises

I see January as the middle of winter and  a time of deep contemplation and preparation for my next set of endeavors. .I am preparing my mind to not only see what I want, but understand why it is I want it. I understand that I am the beginning of new lives and I will show them how to work smarter and never harder, eventually this will lead to you not working at all. Ase’

I Organize in order to Reflect
Balancing Order
I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a Galactic Activation Portal


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